The VaheTwisted line of jewelry is a result of Vahe’s  meticulous handwork and eye for timeless beauty. Each stone is carefully chosen to complement its unique design and his trademark “twist”; it goes without saying that no two pieces are alike.  His work is truly as classic as it is modern, with each piece enhancing the beauty and individuality of the woman wearing it.   Anisha Madzounian

 When I first met Vahe I was immediately was fascinated by his jewelry.  I love the fact that the same necklace can be worn with a pair of jeans during the day and a dress in the evening.  I also love the endless combinations that Vahe offers and his ability to customize a piece just for me.  Each piece is one of a kind, yet you can recognize a “VaheTwisted” piece from a mile away.   -Mary Schneider Perkins